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About I Am Beautiful

Join the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. as we launch the I Am Beautiful campaign designed to focus on girls of color living life beautiful by demonstrating positive self-love, self-respect, self-esteem and self-pride (the foundation of beautiful). Beautiful girls are Balanced, Empowered, Achievers, Unique, Tenacious, Inspired, Fascinating, Uplifting, and Loving.   

I Am Beautiful celebrates beautiful girls of color!  Filled with fantastic information, this site contains columns on various topics written by beautiful girls, essay and poetry contests, the Ask Bella and Tyler columns, book reviews, trends, upcoming events, and other great sources of information just for Beautiful girls of color.

We will also include information about bullying, peer pressure, morals and values, life-long learning, student success and focus on encouraging girls of color to make good choices every day. Making good choices now will help shape your future! As you live life beautiful, remember that beautiful girls are beautiful on the inside and outside and Balanced, Empowered, Achievers, Unique, Tenacious, Inspired, Fascinating, and Loving. Upcoming events include programs in schools, communities and a yearly cotillion to crown Ms. I Am Beautiful and photo shoots for girls, pre-teens and teens. Join Club Beautiful and enjoy the benefits of being a club member.

Take the I Am Beautiful Pledge and live life beautiful everyday all day because you are BEAUTIFUL!

We will continue to build and improve this site over the next few weeks!  We welcome your suggestions.                         

Celebrating Beautiful Girls of Color!



The purpose of I Am Beautiful is to bring together girls of color and encourage them to embrace beautiful on the inside and outside.

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To encourage girls of color to embrace and love the color of their skin. To embrace and practice the foundation of BEAUTIFUL elements, Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Identity, Self-Esteem and Self-Pride. To live BEAUTIFUL everyday all day by being balanced, empowered, achievers, unique, tenacious, inspired, fascinating, uplifting and loving.


                 Live Life Beautiful!


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Living Life Beautiful